Marcum’s 私人股本 (PE) Group is the middle market preferred choice for PE firms, 家族理财室, fundless赞助商, 投资银行公司, 以及引导私募股权生命周期的贷款人. With a national team of dedicated PE professionals, Marcum has the deep expertise you need to provide support for mission-critical mergers, 收购, 和资产剥离, 无论何时何地你需要它.

马库姆了解你们面临的挑战. Our PE professionals are positioned to address your needs, regardless of industry. 自1951年以来,Marcum 保证, 咨询 teams have helped middle-market businesses grow 和 succeed—we know this space inside 和 out.

As one of the nation’s largest independent accounting firms, Marcum offers comprehensive buy-side due diligence services, helping to ensure you make a solid investment. Our experienced PE team will assist you in evaluating whether your deal is operationally 和 strategically smart for your company—和 healthy 和 profitable for your portfolio.

When you need it, Marcum also offers fully integrated sell-side due diligence services. This guidance can be pivotal to ensuring a smooth exit when you decide it’s time to sell or go -public. 在前进, an objective 和 insightful assessment by our PE team will help you underst和 the current dynamics of your investment so you can address potential issues up front 和 minimize the likelihood of unpleasant surprises during the sale process.




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